Deep Dive


Deep Dive is a psycho-geographical exploration of the deep sea in VR. An EEG sensor monitors your levels of attention and relaxation and allows you to descend deeper into the mysterious layers of the ocean as you master your mind through meditation.  Deep Dive directly connects your state of mind with the state of the planet and encourages a personal journey of self-understanding, inviting you to surrender and find comfort in the unfamiliar.

Exhibited at
Uncertain Data, FACT Liverpool, 15 Sept - 03 Oct 2021

- Corridor 8, “Uncertain Data” by Leah Binns
- Art in Liverpool, “Review: Uncertain Data: A brief meditation at FACT” by Patrick Kirk-Smith  

Photographs by Rob Battersby. Commissioned by FACT (Liverpool, UK) as part of the Jerwood Arts FACT Fellowship Programme, supported by Jerwood Arts. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and funded by Liverpool City Council.